Team Foodivry

Foodivry "food from your phone to your home" . Foodivry is inspired by a thought of providing most convenient way to order food online through the restaurants near you as we say "Order the best Food around You from us"

Sahil thought about this idea in october 2015. On discussing it with Anubhav we both came to conclusion that we should start this venture in Jammu city as Jammu was lagging in any Online Food ordering and delivering website. Later Arpit and Love Enrolled too and we started Foodivry. We are complete newbies with no experience in the food industry. The only relationship we have had with food so far is to have eaten a lot of it. So when we think of our business we think as customers first. Just good Food, Service and True Pricing that we as consumers would be satisfied with. We are glad to announce that we have started this service in Jammu city and are planning to expand as the more and more people come to know about it and use it . There is lot more to come from our side. Till then " You got our website , We got your Food " . So what u waiting for ?? . Lets Foodivry it.

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